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We have been learning about Hinduism and the festival of Diwali this week. We enjoyed learning the story of Rama and Sita, Bollywood dance online with the Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter and created our own dances to tell the story. In mathematics we learned about symmetry and rotational symmetry and used this to create our own rangoli patterns.

We are now busy working in partners to write our own versions of the story of Diwali and look forward to sharing them.

Wooden Fungi

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We painted and named our wooden fungi. We then used PicCollage to label them using the scientific names- they really are stunning!

Do you know the parts of a mushroom?


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We have had a great start to our basketball sessions with Rob. Read the comments to find out what we have learned so far.


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We love reading and discussing our books with each other.

What are you reading ? Why did you choose it? Which genre is it? Have you read any other books by the same author?


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We learned about the festival of Michaelmas and why it is celebrated.

Michaelmas is a Christian festival, also honoured by Roman Catholics, which is held annually on the 29th September. A basilica in Rome was named in honour of Michael on the 30th of September, but all celebrations began on the 29th of September. This religious event, also known as the Feast of the Angels, celebrates and honours Saint Michael the Archangel who defeated Satan (the Devil) in the War in Heaven.

We worked in groups to create collaborative pieces of art based around Michaelmas.