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It was an emotional day today as we said goodbye to the amazing Year 6 pupils who are off to secondary school next September. They showed us some of their fantastic musical, sporting and comical talents. We wish them all the very best for the future and hope that they come back to visit and stay in touch on the blog!

2016 July Goodleigh Leavers

Holly abseiled down the Goodleigh Church tower – incredible!Holly

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Rockets and Angles

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We did an experiment to see what was the best angle for our shuttle cock rockets to go the furthest. The pupils had to design a way to measure the angle that they threw the shuttle. They recorded their results in a table and then they plotted a scatter graph of their results. Most groups found that the best angle was about 35 to 40 degrees. We decided that this was because shuttles are designed to fall quite steeply when they are at the top of their flight. Most pupils thought that 45 degrees would be the best angle.

ellie may P7060003 peter P7060004 olive P7060005 heidi



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Year 6 went to Oceanfest, a festival in Croyde. lily ocean
The first thing we did was lip balm making; I made a gold mint one.We used vaseline (petroleum jelly), beeswax,natural colouring and organic essences.Here is a picture of us making them.

CONGA congacongaActivity 2: Codebreaker.

Three challenges had been set for us: the guide rope challenge (pictured above), the army stretcher challenge and the board challenge.

The rope challenge.

The rope was  wrapped around a tree, and we had to go around the tree with our eyes shut , holding onto a rope with one of our arms on the shoulder of person in front of us.

The army stretcher

We had to carry an army stretcher across a field and put certain objects onto it.

The board challenge

We had to stand on a board and pull it along to get across a course. We had to go left, right, left, right.


Next was the beach flag races. The winner of the Goodeigh girls race was Holly, and the winner of the Goodleigh boys race was Sam Lewis. They both went to  the finals later on.

Next we did Zumba with a Zumba teacher. We danced to lots of songs! Everybody danced, and did really well.

It was a really good day, and everyone enjoyed it.


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Visit from an Astronomer!

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Next Wednesday, 22nd June , Alice Danielson will be visiting us. She works as an astronomer and will becoming in to talk to us about the Universe! We are also going to make our own spectroscope!! (Who can find out what they are for?)

Alice will be answering lots of questions, so start thinking about what you might want to ask her?

How old is the Universe? How many planets are out there like ours?

Here are some photographs from the day:


Alice asked us to draw a scientist. We should have drawn ourselves!

IMG_2110 IMG_2111 IMG_2112 IMG_2113 IMG_2114

We had great fun with the very expensive infra red camera:

IMG_2117 IMG_2118 IMG_2120 IMG_2121 IMG_2122 IMG_2123 IMG_2124

We know how to find the centre of mass of two objects and we know that planets don’t really go around stars at all – they both orbit around their centre of mass.


Here is Alice on YouTube:

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Arlington cross country run

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On the 23rd of June we went Arlington cross country. All the years 3,4,5and sixes.The year three’s and four’s was about one mile long , the year fives and sixes course was about two miles long. The year three’s went first , at the end Matao came 3rd ! Then it was the year four’s turn they all ran amazingly well.Then it was the year fives turn Freddie and Connor came 9th and 6th. Finally the year sixes had there turn, and they all finished lon amazing places. Finally the scores were added up and we came second to last.Marwood won. Continue reading

Arlington Court Cross-Country

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We went to Arlington Court cross-country. Everyone did really well. First was the year 3 race. They did really well, Mateo came 3rd!!!!!!!! Next it was the year 4 race it was a really good race, close, but good. Year 5 were next it was a good race it was a good performance from them. My race was next I came 43rd. It was a good day.😄😄😄😄 Continue reading

Ratburger by David Walliams

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Zoe is an ordinary girl who lives with her horrible stepmother and her lovely dad. One day her beloved hamster dies and Zoe finds herself very lonely. When she finds a new pet, a baby rat, evil Burt the burger maker has a horrible plan for Zoe and her pet…

This great adventure is a really good book that will make you scared, happy and sad all at the same time! I recommend this story to any person who has read a David Walliams book and enjoyed it and someone who loves laughter!

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Extreme sailing

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imageThe extreme sailing is taking place on the 26th of June in Cardiff,Wales.Some of the best sailors in the worlds are going to sail some of the fastest boats in the world.The boats this year will foil which means they will come out of the water when they move fast enough. Continue reading