Last Phillips Science Lesson

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Thank you so much for all the great memories Class 4. I have loved teaching you Science over the last few years. I look forward to hearing about all of your future achievements! Thank you for all the lovely cards, the memory book and presents. Mr Phillips.

Class Swap

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We enjoyed an afternoon working together with all of the current Y5 children who will be our Y6 children next year.

We played ‘Growth Mindset Escape Room’, where we needed to decipher lots of codes, learned a fun dance and met a puffin who is going to be part of our topic next half term. We were all surprised at the sound a puffin makes as it sounded a little bit like a cow to some of us!

The children are going to make a fantastic Y6 class-they worked together very well, sharing and showing kindness towards each other.





Speed of Marbles

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The experiment today, was to design a way to slow a marble down as it rolled down a table. The pupils weren’t allowed to touch the marble once they had let it go. They tried different ways to slow the marbles down including friction, increasing the distance and losing energy with impacts on surfaces and speed bumps.

Snail Science

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Today we learnt all about snails! How they fit in with MRS GREN, like all living things. This stands for:








Buckfast Abbey

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We travelled to Buckfast in South Devon to learn about Buckfast Abbey.  We learned lots about the life of a monk, The Abbey, The Black Death and had the opportunity to meet and interview a monk. What a great day of learning it was!