How do you imagine that a rocket actually works? Can you describe the experiments that we carried out today? How are they like a real space rocket? How are they different from a real space rocket?

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  1. I loved this experiment! It was a good demonstration of how planes are different from rockets! Well done everyone!

  2. Rockets have huge fuel tanks that fall back down into the ocean after about 5000m high, after a boat goes to collect the fuel tanks to be used again.
    The rockets aren’t like airplanes because rockets have fuel tanks and airplanes have gravity, lift, drag and thrust.✈️

  3. The fuel fires out of the back and, due to the momentum of the force, the rocket is fired upwards. A rocket does not need air to go into the space but an aeroplane does.

  4. We loved all the experiments that we did today!!!!!!! And our favourite was making Ellee and Veritys Express (our ✈️)!!!!!!!!!!!

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