Mirrors and Light

Today we learnt all about mirrors and how they reflect light. The pupils also made spectroscopes which split light up into different colours.

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  1. Did you know that a object is as far away in the mirror as it is in the real life. So let’s say that if the blob was three cm’s away it would be three cm’s away in the mirror

  2. The spectroscopes had a CD inside them. The CDs have little lines on them, and by viewing the light at a certain angle, you can get amazing light refractions.

  3. Spectroscopes are used for looking at light to show different colours. Every gas has its own set of stripes. Spectroscopes uses light to work. We made spectroscopes out of a CD and card stuck together.

  4. I really enjoyed making spectroscopes . You could see different colours in different lights!. I made a really cool torch using paper and a green finger light! !

  5. Last week in science we made mirror images of ourselves. We were in partners and one person made a movement and the other had to copy that movement. We also placed a mirror in the middle of our books and made a creature out of play-doh. We saw the creature in the mirror and we had a ruler (gun) and we were aiming at the creature in the mirror and drawing a line down the ruler and the lines should eventually meet up. And that shows that the image in a mirror is behind the mirror rather than in front.

  6. In science we learnt about light and shadows. We made spectroscopes and we shined it at the light to make different colours and I saw red , green and purple.

  7. We found out that a reflection is actually behind the mirror not in it! The distance that the object was from the mirror was the same distance as the image behind it.

    We also made a spectroscope that when you put it up to the light you could see strips of different coloured light!

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