World Book Day

Due to the snow  last week, we celebrated World Book Day today. All of the children looked great in their outfits!

13 thoughts on “World Book Day

  1. My personal favourites book so far is Alex Rider Skeleton Key by Anthony Horowitz. But that is one favourite out of many.

  2. I love loads of different books. There are so many books that I like! Here are some of my favourite books: Maximum ride by James Patterson, Bad dad by David Williams, Candyfloss by Jackoline Willson and Dog eat dog by I.M STRANGE. What are your favourite books? #WORLD BOOK DAY 2018!!!!

  3. My favourite book is awful auntie by David walliams because it’s a bit sad and very funny! Which is a perfect mix for me

  4. On world book day I was skulduggery pleasant he is a skeleton who wears a black suit with a black tie black shoes and black hat. The author is Derek Landy I have the entire series and will probably be him next year as well.

  5. I wonder what everyone will be next year out of the yr 5’s, unfortunatly the yr 6’s won’t be there to celebrate it with them. Have a loveley World Book Day!

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