13 thoughts on “Bridge Building

  1. We made bridges out of Lego. It had to be 20cm high and 20cm in width. We also watched ten amazing bridges and one of the bridges had glass floors and when you walked on it it looked like it was cracking and it made noises like it was cracking. One guy was so scared that he held onto the barriers and it carried on cracking and he was so scared.

  2. We made bridges out of lego. We did this in a STEM lesson in science. We watched ten amazing bridges. J’s favourite one was the glass cracking one. My favourite one was the glass one as well. Lots of people on that bridge are scared because it also makes a cracking sound; so to assure it was safe they road a car across it. The problem I think is that is wrong is that when it actuly cracks you can never tell.

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