We have been learning how and why scientists classify living things. Can you remember why and the name of any scientists we have learned about? How about which ancient language is used?

We used an online resource which was based in Combe Martin to learn all about crustaceans:

Some of us have been to Combe Martin, some have been to other rock-pools around our local area too.

Following the instructions, we used our engineering skills to have a go at making our own crab legs. We had a choice of thickness of card and string type. Some of them didn’t work to begin with but we used our problem solving skills, perseverance and resilience to work out how to improve them.

Why is resilience important when trying to learn new things and overcoming problems? Can you share any of the mistakes that you made and how you overcame them?

What started as an afternoon of science, turned in to a few sessions of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics! We got so excited about the project and researching different crabs-finding out many interesting facts. Some of us even went rock-pooling at the weekend, found a dead crab and dissected it to learn more.

We are really pleased with our final products and are looking forward to designing some science investigations probably linked to catapulting objects!

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  1. the crabs were so easy to make and so fun to play with we watched video with these massive spider crab’s witch caned there shells to grow bigger

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