Down To Earth

We loved meeting Janet the astronaut who landed in Goodleigh! We were so lucky that she came in to our class to tell us what it is like on the International Space Station whilst she waited for her battery to charge. We have written her some letters and can’t wait to send them to her.

26 thoughts on “Down To Earth

  1. This was awesome. I liked when Janet showed us the pictures of the northern lights and what the earth looked like when it was night.

  2. Janet came down and crash landed a few fields away from the school. She decided to come and tell Mrs Grant about what had happened. She came into class and told us about space and it was really fun.

  3. I lernt so much about Janet and space. I think I might want to go to space but if I did go I would miss my family lots and lots like Janet.

  4. It was really fun because Janet taught us all about space and it’s amazing how gravity works in the big galactic universe!

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