47 thoughts on “Maya Inspired Artefacts

  1. I am making a Mayan headdress because they look cool and have lots of feathers. Sticking on all the beads and feathers went well. When I was doing the feathers, I had to take out the wire because it kept falling out.

  2. I`m making a skirt because mayan clothes took my intrest. When the elastic went through the hole it went well.I changed the design.

  3. I’m making a Mayan top. I decided to make a Mayan top because I thought it would be easy and look good. I have enjoyed painting the top though I have got the paint stained on my hands :>. I haven’t had to make any changes so far.

  4. I’m making a pot with a clay, poisonous frog on the top.
    I chose this because they live in Mexico and that the Mayan people made pots too.

    • I think that your weapon is really beginning to take shape! We can look at it together tomorrow, talk about why you are feeling like this and come up with a solution. 🙂

  5. I am making a flute I was going to make a head dress but I wanted to make something with sound. Everything was sortof going well except when I tried to make the round sphere. I tried putting the clay on a rolling pin but it got stuck because it was sticky. I don’t think I changed anything in my plan except making the sphere.

  6. I have been making a Mayan flute and chose this because I like music. I think the painting of my flute went well. I needed to change the size of it from 30 centimetres to 10 centimetres as I discovered it would be hard to make a flute so long out of clay.

  7. i was going to mold my flute around a rolling pin but it diddent work so i flattend it out and put it in to a shape by hand

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