Ancient Maya Dance

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We have enjoyed developing our dance skills over the past few weeks culminating in choreographing and performing our own dances.

Here is a list of some of the technical vocabulary we have been using:

angular, softly, aggressively, sadly, fluidly, spiked, level, direction, shape, sudden, sustained, flowing, call and response, flowing, jerky, contact, separate, shapes, improvisation, quick, curved, breathe, shake, turn, gesture, stillness, travel, canon, unison, low, middle, high, levels, solo, duet, trio, sequence, slow, transition, teamwork, practice, tense, relax, performance, props, timing, space, focus, communication, energy, prepare, choreograph, jump, lunge, balance, arch

Can you comment on the dances using some of this vocabulary?

Well done everyone, you performed these dances so well.

Ancient Maya Dance from Goodleigh C of E Primary School on Vimeo.

Homework 27.11.20

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Your homework this week is to:

  1. Have a go on BBC Defenders of Mathematica. Please choose topics that you need to work on.
  2. Reading
  3. Log into the blog and comment on learning from the last week. There are questions for you to answer in the design technology post.
  4. Comment on this blog post when you have completed everything!

E-mail me if you need any help and I will reply when I can.