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Forest School with Mr Delahunt!

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On Tuesday, the Year 5s got to go outside and do Forest School with Mr Delahunt. First, we went to Coombe Woods, where we put up borders with hi-vis jackets to mark where we could go.
We first played Forty-Forty It. The rules were: no guarding the goal (the tree), NO cheating, no going out of the border, NO fighting, no sleeping and no using other people as a human shield. You could: tag people so they wen n the tagging team and try to touch the tree so you win. After that we played Hide-and-Seek. Jessica won the first game and hid behind some nettles and the tree, and Sam T won the second round by hiding behind a bush. Next, we got out a thermos flask contaning hot chocolate. Sam T pushed the lid down for the hot chocolate to to come pouring out like Nigerea Falls and Jess filled up cups (poured the most for herself and Sam T). Then we walked down to do den-building in our special site. The groups were: Jessica with India and Jasmin Rowe, Sam K and Louis, Josh and Sam T, and finally, Ashton and Anisha. We spent half a hour building our dens before we had to walk back for lunch.

After lunch, we split into three groups and did different activities. First, we went to the pond and participated in pond dipping. We found: 10 newts, 3 dragonfly larvae, 3 pond skaters, 1 baby frog and 1 full-grown frog (but it escaped). Next we tried to light fires. We all had a piece of cotten wool and we had to try and light it. Most people succeeded. Finally, we made s’mores, but some people didn’t like marshmallows toasted, so they had them seperatly.