The Big Bang!

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We enjoyed taking part in The Big Bang event at Great Torrington School where we learned more about science, technology, engineering and mathematics.


We had the opportunity to measure our blood pressure, pulse, peak flow and listen to our hearts beat.


In the second workshop we learned how to use a green screen and camera to impose ourselves in to a James Bond film. We all really enjoyed dressing up!

We also had the opportunity to meet people who work in industries using science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Wild Explorers!

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We enjoyed our start to the topic and becoming Wild Explorers. We played games in the woods, identified trees, learned how to play the grass trumpet, cooked on the fire, had fun in the tipis, played in the mud kitchen, made sun art, invented rain dances, set up a weapon shop, climbed trees and rolled down hills. What fun we had!


Love Story-Taylor Swift

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We have been learning ‘Love Story’ by Taylor Swift this week which will be part of our production of William Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’.


  • crescendo (get gradually louder) to chorus then piano (soft/quiet)
  • gentle voices for the verses
  • ‘there’ ‘air’ and other line endings aren’t held for a long time but aren’t staccato either, they should sound short but not punchy

Here is the backing track for you to help learn the song:

Love Story Taylor Swift Karaoke – You Sing The Hits from goodleighschool on Vimeo.


Have fun singing!



Class Four Election results

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Well done to all of you for conducting a fantastic election. You really thought about what was important to you, worked together to vote for your party leaders and supported them to formulate their speeches. Here are the results:


Union Party- 10

Youth Party- 9

What does this mean as no party has the majority?

What do you think?