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We had perfect weather conditions for our adventure to Lundy.  Whilst on the boat, we enjoyed spotting different landmarks and wildlife, including dolphins in the sunset on the return journey. We explored Lundy with fantastic guides who shared lots of interesting information and taught us about the flora and fauna of the Island, including seal pups!  Learning on Lundy was a wonderful day of awe and wonder and we will be using this learning back in school. 

Classifying Insects and Worms

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Class 4 are not fazed by the rain! This morning they enjoyed further investigating Carl Linneaus’ taxonomy. On the Willowbank, they looked to see what species of classis 5 (insects) and classis 6 (worms) there are. Back in class, they resarched the different species. It turns out, when you are are in Year 6, you are not afraid to touch worms!!!!

STEMFest, Plymouth Aquarium

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We had a wonderful day at the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth working alongside apprentices from Princess Yachts, South Devon College and the staff at the aquarium in Plymouth. On arrival, we were taken to a large area with children from other schools and gazed in awe at the beautiful sea creatures that surrounded us.

The day was split in to four parts: using tools to make a Princess Yachts coaster, going on a VR tour, working in teams to make a pirate ship that could float and carry as much cargo as possible and finally a rowing competition which included an introduction to our challenge to build our own boat back at school. One of our groups were given an award for their teamwork, which we were all very proud of and our rower won the rowing competition!

Making Coasters

We used stencils and ink to make the markings we wanted on the coaster then used an engraving machine to cut in to the metal. We also needed to file and sand the coasters to ensure that they were smooth.

Designing and Making a Boat

Having fun with Virtual Reality!

Award Ceremony

Rowing Champion!

Hedgerow Art

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We explored our local hedgerow in Goodleigh and enjoyed spending a day experimenting with different mediums in our sketchbooks. At the end of the project, we created our very own hedgerow!

We began by learning how to draw when faced with dense layers using a really fun technique called network drawing. Only using ink, we found something that caught our eyes and as they moved along, our hand followed. Moving quite quickly allowed us to focus on bigger shapes and gain a sense of layering.

We then learned about colouring mixing and created different colours to match as closely as we could to the foliage we were working from in the classroom.

Following our exploration of colour, we used watered down acrylic paint to blow and move around on to a large piece of paper which would become the base for our mixed-media hedgerow. We had lots of fun doing this, then made view finders and went to our hedge and sketched what we could see, looking at each other’s to try to give it a sense of joining together, again using black ink. We came back inside and transferred these amazing designs on to our acrylic backgrounds using sticks found on the floor and Indian ink.

Then we used oil pastels and vegetable oil to rag over the pastels to create a final layer of colour and stood back to see our beautiful hedge!

We are really proud of our hedgerow and worked together so well to make it. Parents and carers please pop in to have a look at in with your children at the end of a school day as it really does look amazing!