Light and Colour

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Today we are studying light and colour. Remember not to get confused with paint colours! Can you list the three primary colours and the three secondary colours?

Did you know that your eye also have sensor cells for the three primary colours?

What does the diagram below show about how filters work?

What is the one colour of light that leaves DON’T absorb?!



Electrical Circuits

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The pupils made some fantastic circuits using, leads, bulbs, batteries, variable resistors, switches and motors. Some of them decided that they wanted to fix spinners to the end of their motors and they used pens to create some amazing results.

Planets and their orbits

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We did an experiment to see how quickly tennis balls orbitted around our heads! We found that the longer the string, the longer the ball took to orbit. This helps to explain why Mercury orbits the Sun much quicker than the Earth does.

Quicksticks Hockey

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We took part in the Quicksticks competition at Park School. We were up against lots of other schools all trying to win a place in the Devon County Finals in Plymouth. Our two teams advanced from the group stages but both were eventually defeated at the quarter-final stage. It was a fantastic day and we look forward to next year’s event.

The Viola

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We are learning the viola in class. So far we have learned what the strings are called (C,G,D,A), learned how to hold the instrument and pluck on the open strings. We have started to learn how to hold the bow too:there is lots to remember!


Space and the Solar System

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We have been looking at models of the Solar System and our Universe. We are comparing what ancient civilizations like the Egyptians thought, with what we now believe is true. The pupils made some great posters to show their ideas: