The Brecon Beacons

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We had a brilliant time on our residential to The Brecon Beacons in Wales.

We had a very smooth journey and stopped off at Bristol.


When we arrived we popped our things into our tents and then got on with our first activity, which was climbing.  We enjoyed challenging ourselves on the different courses and encouraging each other.


We settled into our tents, had dinner and then enjoyed the evening activity of robot wars.  To earn points to build our robots we took part in some fun team games first!

On day two we had a go at katakanuing!

We walked back to the main site, got changed, had some lunch and then had fun working together on night line and mission impossible!

After dinner our challenge was a creative, alphabetical scavenger hunt!

We slept very well on the second night and on Wednesday morning we enjoyed archery and catapults!


After lunch we went on a short walk but it was so hot that we decided to come back to the camp and have a water fight instead!

In the evening we toasted marshmallows on the campfire and sung some strange campfire songs!

We were having so much fun making memories that our last day had come: high ropes, bushcraft and then in the evening, generation game fun!


For bushcraft we made shelters and lit fires.

It was time for our final evening activity, the generation game!

Finally it was time to go home. What a brilliant, action-packed week we had!



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Parkrun is a fantastic family event. It is a 3 mile (5k) long run around Barnstaple’s only Rock Park. With flat terrain and a simple course, this run is perfect for all abilities!

Common questions:

Q: What time does it start?

A: it starts about 09:00 in the morning.

Q: Are dogs allowed?

A: Yes they are, but one dog per runner and on a short lead.

Q: Do you need a barcode or anything special?

A: You do need a barcode, but they can be easily be printed.

Q: I’m not a runner, but I am under 14. Are there any other events on?

A: There is a children’s parkrun on Sundays at 09:00. This run is shorter and more sutiable for children.

So, how about trying parkrun on Saturday? A whole world of fun and friends await you!

River Torridge Geography Fieldwork

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The River Torridge

We had an amazing day learning more about rivers with Tom and Daisy from Skern Lodge. We met at The Puffing Billy in Torrington where we found one of the tributaries that leads to the Torridge.

We measured the width, depth and flow using geographical equipment, recorded our results, calculated the mean average and compared the depth at different points.

We then followed the river to Bideford to compare its width and flow speed then went on to Appledore where we saw the confluence of the Taw and the Torridge, the mouth, where it joins the Bristol Channel. We also had time to have a look on ‘Treasure Beach’ where we found lots of amazing things that the sea had washed up.

What a fantastic day it was!

Music, sound and hearing

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We looked at how different musical instruments make sounds. We also looked at how sound is a vibration and how the vibration travels into your ear and how your brain receives the information about that vibration.

In the second lesson we investigated which ,materials were the best for making ear protectors. Three of the boys invented stick on your ear, static ear protectors!

Hokusai Zentangle Art

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We participated in a critique of the famous woodblock print “The Great Wave” by Kaksushika Hokusai.

Here is an animation of the original woodblock image:

The Great Wave off Kanagawa from Peter Van Valkenburgh on Vimeo.

We used Hokusai’s original piece  as a starting place for out own wave images. We used ink to create Zentangle patterns in the wave and used watercolour for the background. Zentangle art is a relaxing and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing patterns, which are called ‘tangles’! We hope that you like our Zentangle Hokusai inspired waves-please comment to let us know what you think.