Our Ancestors

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To find out what we could remember and what we would like to find out more about, we acted out an overall narrative of Britain since the Ice Age thinking about changing landscape, technology, economy, dwellings, transport and overall chronology.

We came up with questions about things we would like to find out about within our topic of ‘Ancient Lands’.

Next we will be learning about lost and ancient civilisations and find out what was happening in other parts of the world.

What can you remember about the history of Britain since the Ice Age?

Ratio and Proportion

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We made scale models in groups of the Parthenon. We researched the original measurements and using what we know in maths about ration and proportion built scale models.  We wrote our own blog posts about the process of designing, making and calculating and how we overcame any problems.

Y5 Barnstaple Museum Extension Project

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We worked with Tax Pollard in the classroom today making our tiles inspired by our visit to Barnstaple and the museum last week.  Some of us wanted to work by ourselves and some of us in groups. We are very happy with what we have made with Taz and look forward to seeing our ideas incorporated in to the finished tiles that are going to be right outside the new extension of Barnstaple Museum.  What an amazing project to be part of!


Our Parthenon

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Building our Parthenon was a long process. We faced many challenges along the way. Here is how it went:

1. We started off by researching the dimensions of the Parthenon to scale down to our Parthenon.

2. Then we started building the base for our Parthenon.

3. We started making the pillars. Here is what we had so far.

4.We made a net out of paper for our roof. We made it small so we could copy it but make it bigger. The net was made by Coolhusky.

5. We started making and putting on the pillars. Mistake number one: too much tape.

6. We finished off the pillars. Now for the roof!

In the end, we found out it was too small!!

We started again and made it perfect.

We worked well as a team. The roof went well. We would change our accuracy. Our calculations were correct but we halfed it too many times. 



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Our group worked together well and we enjoyed the activity, we learnt lots of facts about the Parthenon and made it as strong as we could. In the group Sunny83 thought it went well but maybe use less tape. Bluesnail11 said the strength of the pillars were good but the roof design didn’t go to plan. Racoonyraptor  said the pillars went well and the roof didn’t go to plan. We think our calculations were accurate because it all came together nicely but we struggled to hold the roof up. We changed the pillars at the beginning and we think it was a good idea. Racoonyraptor said the hardest part was making the roof and Bluesnail11 also said the roof was the most difficult part of the build, sunny83 said the hardest part was attaching the pillars onto the roof. This is our finished piece.