North Devon Sinfonia

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We enjoyed a concert with some musicians from our local orchestra, North Devon Sinfonia.  There were four flautists who played a range of instruments from the flute family.  Can you remember the names of the flutes?

They started with ‘The Flight of the Bumblebee’ by Rimsky-Korsakov. What did you think of that piece of music? How did it make you feel?

Can you remember any of the other pieces? Comment to let each other know what you can remember and how you felt. Did you have a favourite piece?

Celebration trip

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We had a fantastic day in Exeter participating in a Celebration concert with Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. We listened to different pieces of music, sang with the orchestra and learned lots of new facts about the composers-it was so much fun-thank you BSO.

Following the amazing concert we went in to Exeter to The Apple Store to learn more about how to code using Sphero Robots and make presentations using an app called ‘Clips’.


Here we are learning how to use ‘Clips’ and having lots of fun interviewing each other about the concert.

Here we are learning more about coding using the ‘Sphero’ robots: