Music, sound and hearing

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We looked at how different musical instruments make sounds. We also looked at how sound is a vibration and how the vibration travels into your ear and how your brain receives the information about that vibration.

In the second lesson we investigated which ,materials were the best for making ear protectors. Three of the boys invented stick on your ear, static ear protectors!

North Devon Sinfonia

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We enjoyed a concert with some musicians from our local orchestra, North Devon Sinfonia.  There were four flautists who played a range of instruments from the flute family.  Can you remember the names of the flutes?

They started with ‘The Flight of the Bumblebee’ by Rimsky-Korsakov. What did you think of that piece of music? How did it make you feel?

Can you remember any of the other pieces? Comment to let each other know what you can remember and how you felt. Did you have a favourite piece?

Love Story-Taylor Swift

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We have been learning ‘Love Story’ by Taylor Swift this week which will be part of our production of William Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’.


  • crescendo (get gradually louder) to chorus then piano (soft/quiet)
  • gentle voices for the verses
  • ‘there’ ‘air’ and other line endings aren’t held for a long time but aren’t staccato either, they should sound short but not punchy

Here is the backing track for you to help learn the song:

Love Story Taylor Swift Karaoke – You Sing The Hits from goodleighschool on Vimeo.


Have fun singing!



The Doods

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Flo and I are really enjoying playing the Doods in class. We have learnt a variety of notes and it is really fun to learn how to play an instrument that is less well-known. We can’t wait to learn more and hopefully get really good!
The Dood is a wind instrument that we are very lucky to be playing.