‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ Première

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We came dressed however we wanted to watch the première of our wonderful musical version of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ that we created over the last few weeks. Acting, singing, dancing, animation, makeup, setting, filming, sound….the list of learning involved in this project really does go on. The attitudes and collaboration that was involved in this project was a joy to witness.

We used some older BBC Active songs and adapted the script to suit us. We are all really proud of our finished performance and hope that you enjoy it too.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream 2020 from Goodleigh C of E Primary School on Vimeo.

Fire Lyrics

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If this is the end in fire 

then we should all burn together 

watch the flames climb high into the night 

calling out fire bird help and we will

 watch the flames burn on and on the mountainside


If we should rout baba

Then we should do it together

Save the precious egg for the last time 

calling out firebird prepare as we will

 watch the flames burn on and on the mountain side

 we will beat baba yaga tonight

Now I see fire upon the mountain

 I see fire burning in me 

now I see fire right above me 

I see fire battle begins

 I hope that we restore peace

Element Song Lyrics

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Sunrise and sunset on the horizon,

Colours of a new day,

The sun is shining,

The moon is hiding in the sky,

And when the sun is gone,

It will come out and play with the stars.

I will fly into the sky,

Over mountains and rainbows and oceans,

And when I am done,

I will swoop back down to earth like a bird, hey!


Air is something we breathe and we should take more care for it,

Air is the reason we are here today, hey!

Wings beat and birds fly,

Up into the distant sky,

Clouds are shape shifters,

They can be whatever they want.

X6 diminuendo

Sunrise and sunset


Mushrooms and flowers deep in the soil,

Leaves on a new tree,

The bees are buzzing,

The lichen is hiding on a branch,

And when then wind has gone,

It will come out and play with the leaves.

I will dig into the ground,

Under roots and fossils and crystals,

And when I am done,

I will climb back up to earth like a mole, hey!


Earth is where we live and we should take more care for it,

Earth is the reason we are here today, hey!

Leaves fall and trees grow,

Up into the canopy,

Flowers collect water,

And they grow towards the sun.

X6 diminuendo

Mushrooms and flowers


Tide in and tide out bringing in a new day,

Drawing it closer,

To the sea bay,

The fish are waiting in the weeds,

When the current has gone,

They will come out and play with the rays.

I will dive into the sea,

Close to rivers and rapids and rock pools,

And when I am done,

I will pop back up through ice like a seal, hey!


Water is something we drink and we should take more care for it,

Water is the reason we are here today, hey!

Fish swim and waves crash,

Out across the deep blue sea,

Crabs are on the shore,

They can pinch whenever they want.

X6 diminuendo

Tide in and tide out

Coppélia – a story of love, mischief and mechanical dolls

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We had a wonderful time in London at The Royal Opera House: ‘A classic returns to the Royal Ballet repertory with Ninette de Valois’ charming and funny Coppélia– a story of love, mischief and mechanical dolls. The intricate choreography is set to Delibes’ delightful score and shows off the technical precision and comedic timing of the whole Company. Osbert Lancaster’s designs bring a colourful storybook world to life in this Christmas treat for the whole family.’

Read our comments to find out what we thought of the ballet.

We are busy writing reviews of the ballet and will share them on here once we have finished.

Do you know any other ballets?

Music, sound and hearing

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We looked at how different musical instruments make sounds. We also looked at how sound is a vibration and how the vibration travels into your ear and how your brain receives the information about that vibration.

In the second lesson we investigated which ,materials were the best for making ear protectors. Three of the boys invented stick on your ear, static ear protectors!

North Devon Sinfonia

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We enjoyed a concert with some musicians from our local orchestra, North Devon Sinfonia.  There were four flautists who played a range of instruments from the flute family.  Can you remember the names of the flutes?

They started with ‘The Flight of the Bumblebee’ by Rimsky-Korsakov. What did you think of that piece of music? How did it make you feel?

Can you remember any of the other pieces? Comment to let each other know what you can remember and how you felt. Did you have a favourite piece?