Love Story-Taylor Swift

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We have been learning ‘Love Story’ by Taylor Swift this week which will be part of our production of William Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’.


  • crescendo (get¬†gradually louder)¬†to chorus then piano (soft/quiet)
  • gentle voices for the verses
  • ‘there’ ‘air’ and other line endings aren’t held for a long time but aren’t staccato either, they should sound short but not punchy

Here is the backing track for you to help learn the song:

Love Story Taylor Swift Karaoke – You Sing The Hits from goodleighschool on Vimeo.


Have fun singing!



The Doods

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Flo and I are really enjoying playing the Doods in class. We have learnt a variety of notes and it is really fun to learn how to play an instrument that is less well-known. We can’t wait to learn more and hopefully get really good!
The Dood is a wind instrument that we are very lucky to be playing.