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In science we have been learning about Forces. This week we were dropping paper cake cases from a certain height, and adding one on each time. My group dropped them from 1.4m and timed them to see how long they took to get to the ground. We found out that our prediction was entirely correct (that when you add a cake case, it will fall quicker because there will be the same amount of air resistance but the mass has increased) but we also found out that the speed is increasing but it can kind of only reach a certain speed.

Here are our results from the experiment

What not to do if you turn invisible by Ross Wellford

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This heart-warming book is a real winner. Sadder than you think, this story will lay deep within you for many months and put a smile on your face. Ross Wellford tells the story of a school-girl Ethel, who, by complete coincidence, turns invisible. As she starts to discover her true self, herself becomes invisible and she finds herself in a bit of a huffle-puffle.

CHARACTERS: With the characters in this book, I grew a real liking to them. I felt that Ethel was a sweet little girl and I found her very relatable to myself. Her best friend, Boydy, also created a sweet and innocent connection with me, and I really enjoyed the characters throughout. Although I enjoyed all the others, my favourite character had to be Ethel’s eccentric and lovely Gram.

PLOT: This plot was not necessarily thick, but it was written so well that branches of the story grew out of it creating a bigger plot than you would expect. I recommend it to 9+. 10/10!