Rainforest Uncovered at The Eden Project

Posted in Adventure, Geography, Science

What a fantastic day at The Eden Project we had!

On arrival, we learned about the history of The Eden Project and why it was set up.

Then we had time to explore the Outdoor and Mediterranean Biomes before finding a beautiful spot for lunch.

Full of energy, we went to find out how to survive in the rainforest. Before we embarked on our expedition we considered what kit we would need. We learned about a tribe in Papua called the Kombai and searched for different plants that they use to survive-there are so many we categorised them in to food, shelter, water and health. We shared what we learned with each other and then headed back in to the biome to check out the canopy. Unfortunately it was too hot to walk up to the lookout (42.5 degrees centigrade) but we did enjoy walking around the rope bridges, learning about the water cycle and how trees transpire.


This was a fantastic  experiencing the heat, sights, sounds and smells of the rainforest. We gained a deeper understanding of how fundamentally dependent we are on plants and considered how people from other places and cultures live.

Rainforest Uncovered from goodleighschool on Vimeo.