Pilgrimage Presentation Posters

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We were given the challenge to work in groups to create an eye-catching poster about pilgrimage that can be used as a springboard for a verbal presentation. It was challenging to not write too much but include things that will jog our memory when we speak. We improved our research and group work skills whilst learning more about pilgrimage.

Medieval Christian Pilgrimage, Exeter Cathedral

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We went to Exeter Cathedral to learn more about pilgrimage and special places. We have been learning about what pilgrimage is in class and how different religions go on pilgrimages. You don’t have to be religious to go on a pilgrimage. It was interesting to learn how people in our local area would have gone on a pilgrimage many years ago. We had lots of fun dressing up as some of the different people who would have gone on a pilgrimage and went on out own mini pilgrimage to experience some of the things that may have happened. It was really interesting to learn about the inside of the Cathedral too.