Fun with Filters

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We have been investigating what happens when we put different coloured filters over different colours. The visible light spectrum has red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. If you look at white light through a red filter, the red filter absorbs orange, yellow, green blue, indigo and violet.

We also had fun looking through rainbow glasses!

Can you explain more of the science behind this investigation? Can you remember how rainbows are made?

Masha and the Firebird

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We have been busy making beautiful trees, flowers, grass and eggs for our performance of ‘Masha and the Firebird’ based on the beautiful book by Margaret Bateson-Hill. We are also creating our own songs, poetry and dances to use within our performance.

STEMFest, Plymouth Aquarium

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We had a wonderful day at the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth working alongside apprentices from Princess Yachts, South Devon College and the staff at the aquarium in Plymouth. On arrival, we were taken to a large area with children from other schools and gazed in awe at the beautiful sea creatures that surrounded us.

The day was split in to four parts: using tools to make a Princess Yachts coaster, going on a VR tour, working in teams to make a pirate ship that could float and carry as much cargo as possible and finally a rowing competition which included an introduction to our challenge to build our own boat back at school. One of our groups were given an award for their teamwork, which we were all very proud of and our rower won the rowing competition!

Making Coasters

We used stencils and ink to make the markings we wanted on the coaster then used an engraving machine to cut in to the metal. We also needed to file and sand the coasters to ensure that they were smooth.

Designing and Making a Boat

Having fun with Virtual Reality!

Award Ceremony

Rowing Champion!

The Brecon Beacons

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We had a brilliant time on our residential to The Brecon Beacons in Wales.

We had a very smooth journey and stopped off at Bristol.


When we arrived we popped our things into our tents and then got on with our first activity, which was climbing.  We enjoyed challenging ourselves on the different courses and encouraging each other.


We settled into our tents, had dinner and then enjoyed the evening activity of robot wars.  To earn points to build our robots we took part in some fun team games first!

On day two we had a go at katakanuing!

We walked back to the main site, got changed, had some lunch and then had fun working together on night line and mission impossible!

After dinner our challenge was a creative, alphabetical scavenger hunt!

We slept very well on the second night and on Wednesday morning we enjoyed archery and catapults!


After lunch we went on a short walk but it was so hot that we decided to come back to the camp and have a water fight instead!

In the evening we toasted marshmallows on the campfire and sung some strange campfire songs!

We were having so much fun making memories that our last day had come: high ropes, bushcraft and then in the evening, generation game fun!


For bushcraft we made shelters and lit fires.

It was time for our final evening activity, the generation game!

Finally it was time to go home. What a brilliant, action-packed week we had!


Basketball Tournament

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We have been learning basketball in school and some of us organised getting a team together to play in an open basketball tournament at the weekend. On the day there were three teams with the majority coming from our school and another local school. We played brilliantly as a team and had an outstanding team spirit. We won the main game and are very proud of ourselves!

Ratio and Proportion

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We made scale models in groups of the Parthenon. We researched the original measurements and using what we know in maths about ration and proportion built scale models.  We wrote our own blog posts about the process of designing, making and calculating and how we overcame any problems.

Our Parthenon

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Building our Parthenon was a long process. We faced many challenges along the way. Here is how it went:

1. We started off by researching the dimensions of the Parthenon to scale down to our Parthenon.

2. Then we started building the base for our Parthenon.

3. We started making the pillars. Here is what we had so far.

4.We made a net out of paper for our roof. We made it small so we could copy it but make it bigger. The net was made by Coolhusky.

5. We started making and putting on the pillars. Mistake number one: too much tape.

6. We finished off the pillars. Now for the roof!

In the end, we found out it was too small!!

We started again and made it perfect.

We worked well as a team. The roof went well. We would change our accuracy. Our calculations were correct but we halfed it too many times. 



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Our group worked together well and we enjoyed the activity, we learnt lots of facts about the Parthenon and made it as strong as we could. In the group Sunny83 thought it went well but maybe use less tape. Bluesnail11 said the strength of the pillars were good but the roof design didn’t go to plan. Racoonyraptor  said the pillars went well and the roof didn’t go to plan. We think our calculations were accurate because it all came together nicely but we struggled to hold the roof up. We changed the pillars at the beginning and we think it was a good idea. Racoonyraptor said the hardest part was making the roof and Bluesnail11 also said the roof was the most difficult part of the build, sunny83 said the hardest part was attaching the pillars onto the roof. This is our finished piece.