What not to do if you turn invisible by Ross Wellford

Posted in English

This heart-warming book is a real winner. Sadder than you think, this story will lay deep within you for many months and put a smile on your face. Ross Wellford tells the story of a school-girl Ethel, who, by complete coincidence, turns invisible. As she starts to discover her true self, herself becomes invisible and she finds herself in a bit of a huffle-puffle.

CHARACTERS: With the characters in this book, I grew a real liking to them. I felt that Ethel was a sweet little girl and I found her very relatable to myself. Her best friend, Boydy, also created a sweet and innocent connection with me, and I really enjoyed the characters throughout. Although I enjoyed all the others, my favourite character had to be Ethel’s eccentric and lovely Gram.

PLOT: This plot was not necessarily thick, but it was written so well that branches of the story grew out of it creating a bigger plot than you would expect. I recommend it to 9+. 10/10!